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Wyld Mamas’ Mini Fest

FRIDAY 21st - SUNDAY 23rd June 2019


Come to Wyld land this June and enjoy a Wyld weekend of workshops, music, games, yoga, campfires, nature connection and our woodland spa.

Community vibes and a no trace approach, we will connect with the land, ourselves and each other. Light fire using friction, cook on a campfire, orchard tours, den making, restorative yoga, woodland baths, traditional craft, music, spa treatments and more.

Bring the family to the woods and enjoy some nourishing time together in nature. 



Wyld Mama’s Mini Fest Line-up



Mother Resilience
Riga Forbes


To open our weekend the wonderful and inspiring Riga Forbes from The Mother Space will be offering a women only (babes in arms welcome), resilience through nature workshop for pregnancy and motherhood on the Friday afternoon.

An opportunity to experience the nurturing support of deep nature connection and explore how we can be more resilient as mothers.

Cacao Ceremony - The dreaming circle

lucid dreaming.png

We are delighted to host a Cacao Ceremony on Friday night to open our festival in a loving and heartfull way. Join us to celebrate the longest day and the turning of the year.

The ceremony will be guided by Ricardo Goni (Mexico) , ancient healer formed in the mayan world (Mexico) and Shippibo tradition (Perú) from The Dreaming Circle.


This Ceremonial Cacao is the origin of chocolate, a native seed from México (it was used by Aztecs, Mayans and the ancient cultures of Latin America, in some of them it was their coin)that contains the balance of components and ideal energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart.

This is an opportunity to:

• Realign with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.

• Recognise what is stagnant and heal it.

• Accelerate and activate your self awareness.

• Let go and heal that which no longer serves you.

• Have a clearer mind, increasing focus and alertness, and boost your immune.

• Increase and regulates your sexual energy, reduce stress levels.

• Increase your energy and enthusiasm by being in a higher mood.

• And for all those people who wish to activate the wisdom of the heart to heal it and expand it in a loving vibration, to follow our soul purpose!

Any questions please email Dora directly:


LushTums Pregnancy Yoga
Dora Clouttick


Our very own Wyld Mama, Dora Clouttick, will offer a pregnancy yoga class on Saturday morning for any soon-to-be mamas who want to start the day in a good way.

Dora is a yoga teacher, ecologist, mother and one of the founders of Wyld Experiences. Her classes focus on restorative practices that connect self, place and community.

Class offered on a first come first served basis, all equipment provided, free but donations welcome.

LushTums PostNatal Yoga and Talk Clare Maddalena


We are delighted to have amazing Clare Maddalena offering a postnatal yoga class mid morning.

LushTums founder, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT), doula and mother of two, Clare has taught tens of thousands of women since becoming a yoga teacher back in 2003. She teaches tried and tested essential birthing techniques inspired by yoga and various mindfulness courses, including NLP and life coaching. A great class for all mothers, especially those recovering from birth.

Bring baby too or have some time for yourself. Class offered on a first come first served basis, all equipment provided, free but donations welcome.

Clare will also host a talk in the ‘Tea Tipi’ on the Saturday afternoon about honouring women and the path to motherhood, the journeys we go on, the stories we tell, the imprints we make on the next generation… and the gifts that they bring to us as their mothers. All welcome.

Weaving Workshop

full mat.JPG

Facilitated by our very own Wyld Mama, come and learn how to weave on a pegloom and make a beautiful sheepskin mat. Lovely for baby when out in nature as you can add a waterproof back to keep them snug, warm and dry when looking up at the sky or canopy.

We will weave outdoors under the canopy of trees, encouraging you to relax, create, connect and enjoy the sounds of the natural world while your creativity flows. Using locally sourced wool and all equipment provided, join us for the afternoon and get your creativity on. Babes in arms welcome.

Spaces are limited so early booking recommended.

Any questions please email Dora directly:

Lucid Dreaming Workshop - The dreaming circle

lucid dreaming.png

On Saturday night come and experience an introductory workshop into Lucid Dreaming, a practice that helps people to go smoothly and consciously into the state of dreaming, it could be seen as a very vivid visualisation.

We start a dialogue, an interaction with our subconscious state of mind. This is a practice based in the Transcendental Meditation and the Ancient Mayan traditions.

Facilitated by Ricardo from The Dreaming Circle, Lucid Dreaming helps:

* To work with our personal (emotional) unfinished business.

* Open a clear and honest dialogue to see what is going on in our subconscious mind and helps us listen to our intuition.

* Becoming more perceptive and aware of our selves and others.

* Exploring and letting our creativity be part of our lives.

* Increasing physical health as a result of body relaxation and breathing techniques.

* Discovering and developing the whole potential that we have as human beings.

Any questions please email Dora directly:

Campfire Concert - Rose Music


Rosie Music - Little Trumpet will kick off the evening round the fire with an acoustic performance of her own unique songs and special sound. Soul, blues, jazz, folk - rhyme, rhythm, poetry, song... an exciting mixture of melodies to lift spirits, and set hearts alight.

She will then lead us into an open mic round the fire weaving together sharing of music, story, song and more. Please bring your instruments, voice and enthusiasm as we sit round the flames and share a fire circle under the stars.


Yoga Nidra -
Helen Moss


During the afternoon of Sunday 23rd June, the creator and lead trainer on the NIDRA RESTORE training and a senior trainer on the Lushtums Post Natal & Pregnancy Teacher training, Helen Moss will be joining us to offer Yoga Nidra's under the canopy of trees with the sounds of nature. 

Helen believes yoga is a living, breathing thing, a way of being with ourselves and in the world. Currently Helen’s teaching focuses on fluid, explorative movements that invite freedom into the form and active rest through restorative yoga, nidra and breath work. Helen is an ambassador of rest. 

Class offered on a first come first served basis, all equipment provided, free but donations welcome.

Remembering Ourselves - A woman journey through the blood mysteries


Connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and power through connection with the women's mystery traditions. Step into full creative expression and move through stagnant patterns by harnessing the energy of the cycles that govern our lives. Cultivate what you want to grow and renew your connection to Life. 

Celebrating, nourishing, learning, healing, replenishing and nurturing.

Workshop offered free to all women.

Homeopathy Session - Zoe Scanlan

closer Zoe PHOTO.jpg

We’re delighted to have Zoe join us on Sunday to offer a session in homeopathy. Zoe loves to share ideas and empower parents to care for their family's health themselves, naturally. Homeopathy, nature and natural remedies offer so much to us. Come and be inspired about what is possible, and gain the confidence to give it a go... you'll never look back.

Zoë Scanlan SDS (Hom) "Family-Homeopath" is a mother of two boys. She has used Homeopathy and Natural Remedies to support all aspects of mothering from fevers and colds, to sleep and emotional support. She runs a clinic in Brighton offering homeopathic consultations for children and adults, as well as running courses to support families to learn and gain confidence in supporting themselves naturally, using this valuable knowledge.

Activities For the Wyld Kids (Big or Small)

Fire Lighting and Popcorn.

Learn to make fire using friction - stone, wood, steel. We will gather tinder from the local environment, identify the best trees that give fuel to burn whatever the weather and then make popcorn on our fires to celebrate and enjoy their warmth and magic. 

Boat Making and Races

Join us down at the beautiful stream to make and race boats. Bring any experience, creativity and materials you want to use, and if you don’t have any don’t worry we have lots of each and will show you where in the woods to find the materials you need!


Den Building and Sit Spots

Find a special spot in the woods and create your own shelter from what is available. Sticks, mud, leaves, what else? We will help you build a den to hide in, laugh in, even sleep in! We will also introduce you to the ever special sit spot, where you learn how to be still and melt into the land so that the animals and birds come back out and you can observe them up close and personal. 


Around the campfire with our resident ‘Wyld Dad’ - come and snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and your sleeping bag to listen to some tales, old and new. Bring your favourite book/story too to add to the mix.

Activities are free for all kids. Parents welcome to join in too!

Wyld Craft

Pizza Oven Building

We have half finished our pizza oven and need all hands to help us finish it and get the first pie baking! Come and learn how to work with cob to build an oven, make fire to heat it and then enjoy a freshly baked pizza out in the open - yum.


Peg Loom Weaving

Have a go at the ancient craft of peg loom weaving and make a beautiful sheepskin mat to take home. Great for baby, a warm dry seat outside for yourself or as a throw/cushion cover back home.  We will weave out in the open with the sounds of nature all around feeding our creativity. All materials are locally sourced and included. Booking recommended as places are limited.

Wyld Minds

Orchard Tours

Join in with our work in the orchard. Learn about the heritage variety fruit trees we have growing, the care and upkeep we put in and how to feed and maintain a small orchard. Tools available but bring a pair of gardening gloves if you have them!


Tipi Talks

Enjoy a cup of tea in the tipi and listen to inspiring talks at varying points throughout the weekend. From mulberry trees to becoming a grandmother - there will be something for everyone. Got a rant/passion/mission/project to share? - get in touch and we’ll give you a platform!


Wyld Woodland Spa

Really let nature nurture you and join us for some treatments and wellness sessions in our unique and nourishing woodland spa.

Under the canopy of trees in dappled light, come and relax and tend to your body, mind, heart and spirit. 

Treatments can be booked beforehand to avoid disappointment or on the day if there is space. 

If you haven't experienced pampering outdoors in the arms of the earth, the breath of the trees and bathed in clear waters next to a roaring fire, this is not to be missed.


What’s Included



Our weekend ticket package will include:

  • Access to our beautiful site, set in the high weald area of outstanding natural beauty on the Kent boarder

  • Space to pitch your tent for 2 nights

  • One hot meal a day 

  • Use of our hot sky showers and access to our luxury compost toilets

You will also be able to indulge in our woodland spa and participate in inspiring workshops and talks (please note some activities/treatments may have an additional cost).

Day tickets also available for those who can’t make the whole weekend.


The land is ideal for families.

With plenty of space to run, play and explore the woods, there will be fun for the whole family to join in, as well as stand alone activities for kids - giving parents some time to enjoy a workshop, treatment or just some well deserved time to yourselves.




We will cook one big evening feast a day to enjoy before the sun goes down, while enjoying the long golden evenings at this time of year.

Food will be prepared on an open fire and you are encouraged to come and join us in the kitchen to put some love into the meal, tend our hearth and hang out at the heart of the camp. 

Please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements and bring your own eating utensils as we will not be using any disposable products in an attempt to be as close to zero waste as possible.

You are responsible for all your other meals and there is mains water available for cooking/washing up.

Please note individual fires are not permitted on this camp but you can have access to our big charcoal BBQ and communal campfires.


We are so grateful to be able to share this special place with you and we really want to create a nourishing village feel for the weekend.

We invite you to join us in our approach of gratitude, respect and attentive kindness to all who are there, the natural world and the land.

We hope you will contribute your own unique gifts, join in and be generous with yourselves and each other.

In this spirit, we ask that you respect the areas kept separate as a sanctuary for the communities of creatures that live on the land, make sure you take all your rubbish with you at the end and leave the land in a better state than when you found it with your songs, laughter and magical memories.

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